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The Importance of Fresh CPAP Supplies

Receiving New Mask The use of outdated supplies affects both therapy and comfort.  CPAP masks, tubing, and filters are semi-disposable items that need to be replaced from time to time.  A significant portion of patients who contact us needing help with their therapy are using outdated supplies.

Both usage and aging causes wear and tear that may not even be visible.  Despite regular cleaning, these supplies may begin to appear dirty or discolored.  This process happens gradually over time, and often goes unnoticed until it causes a secondary problem that interferes with the therapy.  Research has indicated that patients who participate in a resupply program are TWICE as likely to have continued success with CPAP therapy1 and report sleeping better2.

How Often Can CPAP Supplies Be Replaced?

Most insurances follow the same replacement schedule for CPAP supplies that Medicare uses.  This allows for patients to get a 3-month supply at once, which would include a new mask, cushions, tubing, and filters.  You can see the specific resupply schedule for each mask type in the table below.

Pillows Mask(seals inside nostril opening)
1 per 90 days
Replacement Pillows
1 per 15 days
1 per 90 days

1 per 15 days
Nasal Mask(seals over nose/nostrils)
1 per 90 days
Replacement Cushions
1 per 15 days
Fullface Mask(seals over nose and mouth)
1 per 90 days
Replacement Cushions
1 per 30 days

How to Refresh Your CPAP Supplies

Resupply Portal Midwest Sleep Diagnostics has a Wellness Checkup and Resupply Program that can contact you when you are eligible for fresh CPAP supplies.  You can choose to be contacted by email, text message, or automated phone call.  Supplies can then be ordered through an online portal, or by responses to the automated phone call.  To sign up for the program, or to order supplies manually, contact our office at (636) 227-8787.

1. Benjafield A et al., “Positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy compliance on a resupply program: A retrospective analysis,” American Journal of Respiratory and critical care medicine (April 2018): 197
2. Based on a third-party, independent study commissioned by ResMed in February 2017, surveying 400 patients currently using CPAP for 6 or more months.

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